Technologies facilitating social interaction in care work

The current decade has been named the Decade of "​Healthy Ageing" by the World Health Organization (WHO). As WHO calls for more research in this field, the aims are to overcome the demographic challenges associated with ageing societies and dwindling workforces and enable older people and those in need of care to be more involved in society for longer.

The successful roll-out of assistance robots would help in the pursuit of care goals relating to rehabilitation and prolonging physical and mental health. Plus, it would be easier to meet social needs like participation and involvement. Unfortunately, these kinds of system are not very widespread since aspects such as data protection and data security have been deemed to trump involvement, participation, independence, health and other such social values.

The opportunities and limitations of the use of robotics to support the care sector will be discussed during this session.

Session Chair Prof. Kirsten Thommes
Session Theme 4 Interactive work