Sustainable leadership in times of Corona and digitalisation

Up until the start of 2020, the required development path towards organisation and leadership in our digital world seemed clear: change, agile organisational structures, start-up mentality, collaboration, participation and transformational leadership - with a growing need for characteristics and behaviour attributed to women. But then, in April of this year, male dominance within decision-making structures and a traditional mindset were suddenly back on the agenda.

Although the revive of traditional models could be counterproductive. Rather than relying so heavily on automated mechanisms, we need to consider the best (alternative) approach to leadership, participation and collaboration if we are to have a chance of staying ahead of the competition and finding long-term solutions to complex challenges.

This session explores the question of which ideas of organization, participation and leadership were considered fit for the future before the crisis, what became of them in the crisis - and how sustainable leadership can look like and be promoted after the crisis.

Session Chair Prof. Sibylle Olbert-Bock
Session Theme 5 Participation and leadership