SME, AI-research and workplace innovation come together

The initial focus of discussions surrounding digital transformation was applications driven by technology. But the necessary integration with organisational and personal workflows and structures has now come to the fore. As the level of complexity is increasing, it is important to keep the bigger picture in mind in this way.

In the OstWestfalen-Lippe region in Germany, the ‘it’s OWL’ technology network and local research infrastructure establish/launch numerous projects in cooperation with companies with a fully rounded approach in consideration of the dimensions individuals, organisations and technology.This session takes a look at the motivation, goals and future plans behind these achievements in the region. Areas being covered by ongoing projects will be revealed and discussed, with a focus on the effects of AI-based applications within the world of work. The region’s close ties with medium-sized businesses and the involvement of social partners will also be looked at in more depth.

Session Chair Prof. Roman Dumitrescu
Session Theme 2 Networks at work