Skills management: new collar jobs – competencies for tomorrow

Digital assistance holds the key to a wide range of opportunities for the future world of work and yet it still needs to be approached with caution. In recent years, the field of occupational science/occupational psychology (Awip) has supported and researched a number of measures with the aim of making these new opportunities viable in practice, thereby ensuring that the technology can be used as a tool in a way that makes sense and achieves the very opposite of cutting us humans out of the equation altogether.

This session will present specific findings revealing how the digitalised development of skills can help companies transform. Plus, the best ways to organise new forms of collaborative working using digital depictions of complex industrial systems to suit us humans will be discussed. The ‘Four-Point Model of Successful Action’ developed within the specialist field will set out the framework conditions required to guarantee successful professional activities by ensuring that the development of skills and the way we work are fully intertwined.

Session Chair Prof. Annette Hoppe
Session Theme 7 Skills management