Shaping change in collaboration with employer and employee organizations

The concept of social partnership is an essential element to shaping the changing world of work in Germany. Therefore, social partners lay the foundations for a common approach that is focused on the future and, most important of all, specifically tailored. This is centred around agreements on the introduction of digital technology, innovative working hours arrangements and perfectly suited qualification strategies. The importance of social partnership becomes immediately clear when we find ourselves faced with unique challenges, such as this year’s coronavirus pandemic, ich which social partners have been seen to respond swiftly to company- and industry-specific requirements. During this session, examples of organisational elements and concepts surrounding current and future challenges will be presented from a practical and scientific perspective and new research questions will be discussed. Afterwards, the discussion group consisting of practitioners, scientists and social partners will look into these approaches in greater depth and identify potential factors for success.

Session Chair

Roman Kormann

Dr habil Birgit Verworn

Session Theme 5 Participation and leadership