Session theme 4: Interactive work

Whether in customer relations or health care, the use of new digital applications, machines and robots will change how we interact with other people in our work. With many companies increasing their focus on service, there will also be new fields of activity for employees. Successful examples of interactive work in the digital age will be presented within this session theme.

Work in the service sector is based in large part on social relations between people. The digital transformation is changing social interaction between service providers, customers and patients as well as internal collaboration within companies. Particularly when it comes to the transition of business models towards a wider range of services, interactive work will expand into more and more areas that have traditionally involved little or no contact with customers.
Under this session theme, participants will discuss the effects that integrating new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and introducing new areas of activity will have on interactive work. There will be a focus not only on communication between companies and customers, but also on internal cooperation within companies. This session theme will also address how the digital transformation will influence interactive work particularly in health care.
The discussions will be supported by presentations of best practices and demonstrations of digital support for human-human interaction.

Sessions included in this session theme:

Session Session Chair
Working conditions in interactive (service) work Prof. Beate Beermann
A Service Mindset as link between good service and good interactive work Prof. Susanne Robra-Bissantz
Technologies facilitating social interaction in care work Prof. Kirsten Thommes