Session theme 1: Health and prevention

The continuing evolution of the worlds of work is accompanied by a growing focus on health aspects. Technological change and new forms of work offer a whole range of possibilities to make work healthier. These opportunities need to be exploited, for example, by establishing new prevention strategies at companies. In this session theme, participants will discuss how to take advantage of the extensive potential of innovative tools and forms of work with regard to employee health.

It is now possible to predict many of the challenges in the areas of health and prevention that working environments will one day face. The relevant solutions will need to fulfil the requirements concerning the jobs of the future – with respect to both employees and companies.

This session theme addresses the wide range of opportunities provided by innovative technologies and new forms of work. For example, companies can already make use of digital technology such as artificial intelligence when establishing occupational health management and health promotion policies on behalf of their employees.

Alternative work approaches will also benefit from knowledge about workplace health and prevention. This session theme also focuses on the extent to which a higher degree of self-determination or a good work-life balance can have a positive impact on health.

Sessions included in this session theme:

Session Session Chair
Digital prevention: Using digital technologies to promote mental health at work Prof. Nico Dragano
People-focussed work models & location-independent, healthy working environments

Dr Nick Kratzer

Dr Jennifer Gunkel