Service Mindset as link between good service and good interactive work

Interactive work is changing – by digital technologies and new demands of its target groups.

For employees doing interactive work this leads to two challenges. From a business perspective, they should offer measurable and good services in terms of right customer experiences. This focus on effectiveness and efficiency of the often-unpredictable task of working with humans strengthens the call for a humanization of this kind of work.

The adoption of a Service Mindset by all members of organizations where interactive work is dominant may provide a solution. For interactive workers it will ease coping with demanding service needs. For the institution, it promotes a culture of trust that may replace or amend the attempts to make interactive working processes measurable.

The Service Mindset incorporates such skills as problem solving and cooperation as well as social skills, emotional skills and - increasingly important - digital skills.

In this session, visitors will not only learn about but also experience the Service Mindset themselves.

Session Chair Prof. Susanne Robra-Bissantz
Session Theme 4 Interactive work