Prof. Sibylle Olbert-Bock

FHS St.Gallen - University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Sibylle Olbert-Bock 500

Professor Sibylle Olbert-Bock is a professor at FHS St.Gallen, where she established the competence centre for leadership and personnel management. Her research focuses on talent management, diversity (gender and age), sustainable leadership in digitisation, and business development.

She has participated as an advisor in various research programmes on changes in the world of work, demographic change and competence development and digitisation, and is employed as an expert by Innosuisse. Prior to this, she worked for several years in business in management and organisational development roles, including at Michelin KGaA.

Professor Sibylle Olbert-Bock completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Mannheim and earned her PhD at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Session Session Theme
Sustainable leadership in times of Corona and digitalisation 5 Participation and leadership