Global AI innovation & regional networks

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are often developed and implemented on a global scale. And yet the innovation sphere of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) tends to be more local. SMEs need quick, manageable AI solutions, which they often end up looking for within their local area. The scientific community and disseminators within intermediary organisations in those local areas need to adapt to these requirements. At the heart of a more effective, more direct partnership between SMEs, the scientific community and disseminators lies huge potential to prepare SMEs for digital transformation. This is potential that has been left untapped all too often in the past. In this session, business representatives, scientists and networkers will introduce their requirements and solutions. Participants will present and discuss past experiences and potential solutions relating to global AI innovation and local networking. Relevant questions requiring solutions will be put forward. For example, how can AI skills be matched effectively to the everyday running of SMEs? And how can disseminators help enable as many local SMEs as possible harness the potential of AI in a productive and perfectly safe way?

Session Chair Oleg Cernavin
Session Theme 6 Regional and global change