Dr Nick Kratzer

Institute for social science research - ISF Munich

Dr Nick Kratzer 500

Dr Nick Kratzer has worked at the Institute for Social Science Research ISF-Munich since 1996. His main areas of expertise are company reorganisation and rationalisation strategies and their consequences for work and employment, breaking down the barriers between work and life, making work more flexible and subjective, performance management and policy, and psychological stress and company health management. Dr Nick Kratzer is a co-publisher of the journal “Arbeit” and the “AIS-Studien” and he also works as a consultant and as part of various advisory boards.

After his training to be a publisher, he studied sociology in Munich, then going on to obtain a doctorate in 2003 at the University of Augsburg.

Session Session Theme
People-focussed work models & location-independent, healthy working environments 1 Health and prevention