Digital teamworks: Cooperation, management and teleworking

In society, networks have always existed. They have circulated ideas, brought together like-minded people and generated both beneficial and potentially harmful evolution.

Work-related networks of today benefit from technological contributions in numerous ways:

  • Possibilities for remote work: used continuously in geographically dispersed team or for occasional meetings,
  • The flow of information between suppliers and customers: along the entire chain of work and service provision
  • Information flows between companies within the same sector: in cooperative as well as competitive relationships

These new possibilities can have multiple effects. Networking is an opportunity to think and act locally by mobilising globalised knowledge.

What are the current experiences regarding these networks? What kind of resources do they mobilize? How can technical, human and social dimensions be simultaneously integrated into the solutions put in place?

This session opens with a brief review of working organisations, the advancements through technology and experiments, finally zooming inon teleworking.

Session Chair

Pascal Etienne

Bernard Michez

Session Theme 2 Networks at work