Digital prevention: Using digital technologies to promote mental health at work

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic was a step increase in the use of digital technologies in all life domains including work (e.g. video conferencing). This phenomenon has again pointed out the importance of discussing the issue of mental health in the context of digital work environments. At least two dimensions are of interest. First, the possible consequences of working with digital technologies for employees’ mental health must be addressed. Research has revealed that new digital sources of stress (technostress) may increase the risk for mental illness. On the other hand, well-designed digital work can improve working conditions and reduce stress. Second, the potential of digital prevention has become obvious, e.g. in reaching employees with high workload or those working at home. This session has the aim to present the state of the art of digital health promotion at work and discuss future activities in this field.

Session Chair Prof. Nico Dragano
Session Theme 1 Health and prevention