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Take part and win high-quality prizes!

How will we work in the future? And more importantly, what will we work as in the future? The international #futureworkchallenge competition is all about coming up with a creative answer to these questions. The Ministry of Education and Research is calling on you, teens and young adults throughout Europe, to take a look at the world of tomorrow: Develop an occupation of the future, explain it in a few words and submit the results as a video or photo via Instagram or email for the #futureworkchallenge competition by 30 September 2020. The winners can expect some great non-cash prizes such as a video workstation with computer, camera, editing software and speakers! (You can find the flyer here)
The challenge accompanies the conference 'beyondwork2020 - european conference on labor research' taking place in October 2020, which the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is organizing on the occasion of the German EU Council Presidency (July to December 2020).
You can find the terms and conditions, along with frequently asked questions here.


Develop your occupation

Astrogardener? Smart city planner? Or maybe something in drone flight control? You decide which occupation of tomorrow you want to submit to the competition.

Present your occupation, prepare a post

Now’s your chance to get creative: Present your occupation of the future with props or as a painting or dance – it’s entirely up to you! Take a photo of it or shoot a video and explain the occupation in a few words (in German or English).

Upload your post to Instagram with a hashtag or send it via email

Publish your finished post with a brief explanation, the hashtag #futureworkchallenge and a link to the channel @beyondwork2020 on your Instagram account. You can also send your entry via email to

Collect Likes

Once your post has been published on Instagram, you can begin collecting Likes!

Win over the jury of experts

The post will then be presented to an international jury, which will select the ten best ideas.

With a little luck, you just might win

Have you won over the jury? Great, then it’s time to head to Bonn! The ten finalists will be invited to the award ceremony at the beyondwork2020 conference on 20 October 2020 and can look forward to high-quality non-cash prizes. And if you make it into the top three, a small film team will visit you in advance for an interview.

How to take part

To take part in the #futureworkchallenge, you will need a smartphone and a great idea!

First of all, think of an occupation: it could be an occupation that already exists, but looks different in the future. Or you could invent a brand-new field of activity! Digitisation, social changes, climate change: there are many factors that will have an impact on the working world of tomorrow. Which occupations will become more important in the years to come? Which technologies require completely new areas of expertise? What will the European collaboration look like in the future?

In the next step, you will present your occupation of the future in a photo or a video. You can use props, perform a pantomime, dance, paint or even sing – simply get your creative juices flowing! Please make sure your selected occupation is clearly recognizable. Then add a brief explanation (no more than 250 characters including spaces) in German or English, which could take the form of a caption to your Instagram post. And you’re virtually done with your entry!

Simply upload your post to Instagram using the hashtag #futureworkchallenge and link the channel @beyondwork2020! Make sure that the post is visible to everyone and remains online until 30 November 2020. Instagram Stories are thus excluded, unfortunately. With a little luck, you just might win!

Whoever does not want to share the competition entry on their Instagram account or whoever does not have an Instagram account, may also be able to send the competition entry via email to the beyondwork2020 contact office: Please also add in your email a short description or explanation of your chosen occupation which must not exceed 250 characters including spaces. Please also send us your Instagram name if you have an account.

What your post could look like!

Win one of many great prizes!

Professional work requires the right equipment not only in the future, but also today. The ten best competition submissions will win high-quality technology that can be a great help to you for your everyday work both today and in the future. If you make it into the finals, one of these prizes will soon be yours!

1st place: video workstation (approximate value €8,500)

Creating top-notch video content requires suitable equipment. The video workstation is an all-rounder that leaves nothing to be desired,
from fast demo videos for colleagues to creative how-to videos.

  • Powerful computer
  • Handy video camera
  • High-quality speakers
  • Professional editing software

2nd place: 3D workstation (approximate value €7,000)

Whether a 3D model for customer appointments, prototype or virtual 360° meeting with your colleagues in China, these cool tools will help you add a
whole new dimension to your work.

  • Powerful computer 
  • VR headset
  • 3D printer
  • 3D software
Zweiter Preis

3rd place: mobile workstation (approximate value €3,500)

The mobile workstation is a real treat for digital nomads, as it allows them to work from anywhere! Thanks to the noise-cancelling headphones and projector, you can toil
away undisturbed in a co-working space today and present the results tomorrow!

  • Laptop 
  • Portable projector 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
Dritter Preis

4th and 5th place: smartphone and headphone combination (approximate value €2,000 and €1,500)

The digital office in a smaller format – with smartphone and high-quality headphones, you can also hold your phone conferences on the go and maintain an overview of your appointments, emails and important files at all times.

  • Voucher for an up-to-date and high-quality smartphone
  • Headphones with the best sound

6th to 10th place: great individual prizes

One step ahead in your day-to-day work: if you come in between 6th and 10th place, you can look forward to a practical little helper that will perfectly complement the equipment you already have.

  • High-quality smartphone
  • Smartwatch
  • Tablet
  • Smart glasses
  • VR headset

Teachers, are you interested in taking a more in-depth look at ‘the future of work’ as a topic?

Here you can find classroom materials with concrete suggestions for activities and topics such as future trends and changing demographics in the working world.

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An overview of all previous competition entries can be found below. For further details, visit our Instagram channel @beyondwork2020