Brain the Company – Analog ideas in a digitized world

Disruption is right around the corner – and everybody’s searching for the creative minds, new ideas and innovative products to come up with the next big thing. But in fact, the brain is still the one and only organization able to develop something truly new.

But how does the brain organize new ideas? How can future leadership benefit from the ways humans think, decide and act? How does the human factor make the difference when applying new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? And what can companies and leaders extract from neurobiology to improve their own problem-solving power?

Henning Beck takes a look behind the scenes of the most flawed but also most innovative system in the world. Strictly hierarchical – without a CEO. Completely inefficient – but more powerful than any kind of supercomputer. An effective network thinker – more agile than any optimized company you know of.

Keynote speaker: Dr Henning Beck